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Data With Meaning

Understanding trends and momentum is key to making good, informed, profitable trading decisions. Our trend metre will help you to not only understand the current trend for your chosen asset, but will also give you a snapshot of broader short and long term trends, and an indication of when trends are coming into alignment. The trend metre is super-customisable, with different sensitivity levels to suit your trading style.

Scalping and Swinging

We know that not all traders are built the same. Different styles, varying risk preferences, evolving strategies – each of us is unique. With our strategy indicators, you can pick the algorithm that best suits you, and receive clearly set out entry and exit points, as well as implement optimum take profit and stop loss points – so you don’t have to risk working them out for yourself.


Almost every indicator on the market shows divergences several bars after the movement has happened – making it very difficult to take advantage of them. Our algorithm shows divergences as they are being formed, so you can monitor and plan your position in advance.

Reversal Clouds

Keltner bands, or reversal clouds, are the ideal way of visualising price movements, particularly around extremes, and where there may be a reversal. Our indicators alert you to these patterns and movements and allow you to easily see when extremes of overbuying or overselling are occurring.


An integral part of any market, for any asset class, corrections can be costly if your trade falls on the wrong side. Our algorithm will alert you to potential downside price action, which can be a key indicator of sudden and dramatic market corrections. You can use these alerts to manage your open positions, as well as take advantage of downturns.

Automated Support and Resistance

One of the most monitored data points across any asset class is the reversal point – where the price action changes direction. This is where profits and losses are made: every investor wants to buy as close to the support point as possible, and sell at the top of the resistance. Our automated support and resistance feature alerts you to where price action often reverses (both at the top and the bottom), as well as potential breakouts/breakdowns, false moves, and bounces.

Automatic Fibonacci Extension and Replacement

Fibonacci points have long been held to be incredibly powerful and useful indicators by investors of all experience levels and with our algorithms, you will have access to automatically drawn Fibonacci. No more fiddly drawing – just easily visualized data overlaid on live charts.


Along with our live market data, you will also be invited to join our growing Discord server. This community is composed of traders of all experience levels, ages, and risk preferences – the one thing that we ask is that you are open to increasing your knowledge and willing to share your support. Everyone involved is on the same journey, so you will be a welcome addition!